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 Carrie Rothenberger

Carrie music teacher voice lessons piano teacher

Carrie Rothenberger is a professional singer and award-winning teacher with over twenty years of experience. 
Singing Lessons, Voice Coaching, and Piano Lessons in Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange County, and online via Zoom.

Private Performances

Solo artist performances featuring classical & standards.

Looking for a professional musician to sing for a special occasion? 

Voice & Piano Lessons

Looking for music lessons on how to sing, play piano, or need a voice coach for an audition? Lessons are offered In-person and online. Carrie is also a preferred vendor for home school programs. 

Piano Keys

Voice Lessons

Lessons available from beginning to

advanced, starting from age 9.

Group Voice Lessons

Curated programs for small to large groups.

Piano Lessons

Lessons available from beginning to

intermediate, starting from age 5.


I started voice lessons with Carrie in 2015, when I was in my late 40's. I am often learning how to un-do 50 years of bad habits with my singing! But Carrie is super supportive, endlessly patient, and will try to come up with yet another different way to explain something, until it sinks in! She is also an AMAZING opera singer, and I can't wait to have her serenade some of my loved ones!! I am so grateful to her because I am able to do things as a singer that I feared I would never be able to do since I got such a late start at it! She is so loving and patient and encouraging with ALL of her students, which I get to witness whenever she puts on a recital so that we can get performance experience. If I had kids, I would not hesitate to send them to Carrie for piano and/or voice lessons! Do yourself a favor!!!

- Claire P.



Certain people sing from the heart. You know who they are because they inadvertently make you cry. I think that's why Carrie Rothenberger is so successful as a singer and a teacher, and why so many of her students succeed as well. Technique is essential, and she's a wizard at that, but even more important is having a teacher like Carrie, a  natural-born singer with a deep love and enthusiasm for music and people who want to learn how to sing from the heart. In that way she's so much more than a teacher. For me, she's also my inspiration.


Catherine Revland


"Carrie is an extraordinary talent and an excellent teacher!"

 ~Anna Kate M.​ (award-winning professional singer, founder of

"Long Beach's Most-Loved, Jewel Box Children's Theater Company")

“She's AMAZING! My children can't get enough of her! They love learning to sing and train their bodies to maximize their voices.“

~ Susana O.

"I just want to let you know that Angelina has gone on to college as a music major at [Mount] St. Mary's, but importantly she got  $37,000 in scholarships . . . renewing annually--primarily for her musical talents . . . which also qualified her for the presidential scholarship . . . The songs with which she auditioned and . . . earned the music scholarship, were [ones]-- you taught her to sing. . .  We thank you for teaching her so well that she  could qualify for these scholarships, and in that sense  the lessons we paid for her to have with you have been returned in full, and for that we thank you especially. . . Thank you for your expertise; it has really paid off for us."

~Eugene M.

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