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Voice & Piano Lessons

In-person & virtual recitals, vocal coaching, and audition preparation. 

From beginning to advanced and group sessions. 

Providing voice lessons and piano lessons in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Virtual lessons from coast-to-coast!


Voice or Piano Lessons

​In Person or Virtually

Curated pricing plans starting at:

30 minutes / 4 weeks

45 minutes / 4 weeks

60 minutes / 4 weeks

Piano Age 9+

Voice Age 5+

online and in-person (Long Beach studio)

Voice & Piano Combo Lessons

​In Person or Virtually

Curated pricing plans starting at:


45 minutes / 4 weeks

60 minutes / 4 weeks

Piano Age 9+

Voice Age 5+

online and in-person (Long Beach studio)

HomeSchool Pricing Plans

Private Voice or Piano lessons


at $40 per lesson

Private Combo Voice & Piano

 60 min = $80

 45 min = $60

All private lessons are available virtually, or in person

 at Long Beach studio


Group Lessons

Ages 7-11 (4 student minimum)

60 min = $20 ea. (ages 7-10)

90 min = $30 ea. (ages 11-18)

online only

Home school preferred vendor for Sky Mountain and Sage Oak Charter Schools, Excel Academy, and Blue Ridge Academy
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Voice Lessons

Ages 9+

​Vocalizes, interpretation, performance practice, acting, diction, languages, artistry, and choosing repertoire from a variety of musical genres.


Vocal Technique: Gain range, strength, sustained (longer) notes, blending skills, breath support and management, posture, and intonation.   

Musicianship Skills: Theory (reading music), sight-reading, and pitch-matching.

Performance Skills: Stage presence, public speaking, and body/space awareness. 


Also Available

Audition Preparation: Confidence building, etiquette, resumes, mock

auditions, accompanist collaboration, energy-balancing skills, and repertoire. 


Singing for Actors: Musical theatre, head and chest blending, and repertoire. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 9.13.09 PM.png

Piano Lessons

Ages 5+​

Benefits of Piano Lessons:

Fun! Builds confidence, creativity, goal-setting, music appreciation, and social and developmental skills. Music is taught with encouragement, spontaneity, sound methods, and enthusiasm!  Lessons for younger children can be flexible in structure, often mixed with fun musical games that help students gain skills in rhythm, expression, and note reading. 


Piano lessons for adults: Cover all concepts needed to play a variety of musical genres. 


Technique: Posture and proper positioning for care of hands, wrists, and fingers.

Exercises for dexterity, coordination, and agility. 


Musicianship Skills: Theory (music reading and writing) and sight-reading.


Performance Skills: Stage presence, public speaking, and body/space awareness. Builds confidence!




 "Carrie is an extraordinary talent and an excellent teacher!"

 ~Anna Kate M.​ (award-winning professional singer and founder of  "'Long Beach's Most-Loved,' Jewel Box Children's Theater Company")

“She's AMAZING! My children can't get enough of her! They love learning to sing and train their bodies to maximize their voices.“

~ Susana O.



"I just want to let you know that Angelina has gone on to college as a music major at [Mount] St. Mary's, but importantly she got  $37,000 in scholarships . . . renewing annually--primarily for her musical talents . . . which also qualified her for the presidential scholarship . . . The songs with which she auditioned and . . . earned the music scholarship, were [ones]-- you taught her to sing. . .  We thank you for teaching her so well that she  could qualify for these scholarships, and in that sense  the lessons we paid for her to have with you have been returned in full, and for that we thank you especially. . . Thank you for your expertise; it has really paid off for us."

~Eugene M.

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